Our Pastors

Pastor Randy, Nancy, Sydney, and Brittany

Pastors Randy and Nancy McCutcheon are the senior pastors of Spirit of Faith Family Church. Both Randy and Nancy attended RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are ordained through Rhema Ministerial  Association International.

Pastor Randy

Pastor Randy although raised in a Christian home, the son of a family physician, who by the worlds standards would say “had it all” , at an early age the enemy entered his life in the arena of his mind in such a tormented force that for him the next 12 years life was one of pain, anger, hopelessness, medications, as well as four years under psychiatric care and yet only grew worse. It seem suicide was the only way to stop the pain.

“But God” who is rich in mercy with one encounter into Pastor Randy’s life turned it around and set him free from the torments of the enemy!  “All I can say is mental torment is like cancer of the mind. With this torment though there is never any relief, it never lets up, not for a moment.  After nearly 12 years of looking for answers through many paths, my journey took me to meet the only one who could truly set me free. Money couldn’t buy it, doctors couldn’t prescribe it, the world couldn’t solve it, only a touch from heaven could give me what my heart longed for….to be free in my mind…to live a life without torment….to lay my head down at night and find peace and rest; you can’t describe it..you must experience it….”

People both saved and unsaved deal with this cancer,… this torment of the mind so to speak…..  They think they just have to cope with it, that there is no lasting help. But I am a testimony that if you get ahold of what got ahold of me you can get free and stay free all the days of your life! The key is the Word must be your final authority and integrated into every thought of your life. My desire is to see people truly live a life of total freedom, peace and happiness---it is possible---it a can happen---only believe!

Pastor Nancy

Pastor Nancy was raised in church and as a young child felt the call of God upon her life in the area of music. Music brought peace and stilled the storms in her life. One song with the words, “When I think about the Lord and what He's done for me.....is so true in many areas of my life. Many years ago I was sitting in a service at a church we would eventually serve at for many years and the pastor said, you need to get up in the morning and look in the mirror and tell the mirror, "Mirror, Mirror in The Book (The Bible), tell me just how good I look"! For me, that was a revelation, because I did not like what I saw in the mirror. In fact, I didn't like to even look in a mirror because when I looked, what I saw was a painful reminder of things that had haunted me at many times in my life. Those simple words, " Mirror, Mirror in The Book, tell me just how good I look" ignited me on a journey of seeing what God saw when He looked at me. Not only had He freed me from my past, He saw my future. He saw His plans for me. Then I could see His plan.”

Pastor Nancy is passionate about worship and praise and helping others to see that God is not hiding His plan from us, but wants us to walk in four key concepts that will launch us into our future and His plan for our lives: Love, Virtue, Holiness, and Kindness. God is a Good God, He has a Great Plan and we have an Awesome Future