Youth Ministry

Our desire is no different for our teens as it is for our children or adults… create a place for God to truly touch their lives. Inside every teenager is a hunger for the creator of the universe to invade every area of their life.  We believe that this generation of young people have the ability to transform our world and reach their generation for the cause of Christ.

Many say that in order to reach this new generation we have to find ways that relate more to the world’s methods to draw them,  then they will come into the kingdom of God, but we believe one touch from a loving Father will do the exact same thing it did in the Old Testament as it did in the early church… bring power and demonstration that will change a world.

Our teens are that generation that will see God in a way that is explosive.

Our job as a church is to teach our youth honor and respect for the things of God then the power of God will be released in their life and they will be bold to take that power to their generation.


Worship Ministry

Worship is one of the most important things that takes place in a church service.

The bible says that God inhabits the praise of His people.

To understand that more clearly I would like to share what that resembles to us as pastors.  God sits on His throne in heaven and has angels that worship Him 24/7…all the time…God created them to do that….this is their assignment so therefore its’ not something that moves God to have angels worship Him.

But picture this …God on His throne.. all the angels worshipping Him.. then He looks down from His throne and sees a people worshipping Him… desiring His presence in their life….all of sudden He gets up off His throne and steps down into that church….He inhabits their praise and worship and walks among them.

Just image those angels wondering…. what is God doing going down there to hear worship when we’ve been doing this all the time…why does He need to go down there in that church to listen to worship….it’s because angels don’t have a choice.. they were created to worship Him.. that’s what they do….but when God sees a person, a people that in spite of all they are dealing with in life lift up their voices and hands to him….God will move heaven and earth to find a people who will do that.  Our desire at Spirit of Faith Family Church is to create a place for God to inhabit and move among His people.

Join us for praise and worship every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. for a time of refreshing before the morning message.

The worship is led by Pastor Nancy and our desire is for you to be blessed and refreshed as you enter into praise and worship in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Women's Ministry

Pastor Nancy has a strong desire to see women reach their full potential. Knowing who they are in Christ will change a women's life in every area. Knowing what the Word of God says will bring success. God is saying, Look in the mirror of The Book (The Bible) and begin to see yourself as Jesus sees you.

The Women’s Ministry is designed to enhance lives through special meetings, prayer groups, fun, and fellowship.

The vision of the Women’s Ministry at Spirit of Faith Family Church is threefold.

It is our desire to see you:

  • Become rooted in a personal, loving relationship with Jesus.
  • Have a better understanding of yourself and your purpose in life.
  • Develop personal relationships with other women and allow for a friendly, non-threatening environment that will allow you to introduce non-believers to a church setting.

Annual Events

During the year we have a variety of events and programs in which women can become involved. Some of these include:

  • Women’s Breakfast
  • Holiday Craft
  • Retreats
  • Fashion Shows

Welcome to a safe place, where you can be refreshed, be healed, be happy and be whole!


Children's Ministry

The children's classes are taught by Brittany and Sydney McCutcheon.

When we were deciding which curriculum to use as a new church, there was only one curriculum that came to their hearts. As children brought up in a spirit filled church they love Pastor Willie George's Faith Roots teaching curriculum. They knew exactly what they wanted to use. Your children will be taught how to walk in Faith so that when they are adults, Faith is what comes out in everything that they do.

Preschool and Children’s Ministry is dedicated to supplementing the family in their endeavor to lay a spiritual foundation that will lead a child into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our Preschool will be taught the word of God through Bible stories, puppet skits and activities that are designed just for them.  Each lesson will center in on a topic and a memory verse may be included with each lesson. Learning memory verses through games and songs helps plant God’s Word into the children’s hearts.

Children from the 1st to 6th grade are ministered to in an atmosphere that is fun, loving, and exciting. We believe that in order to enter the world of a child you must first go through the doors of their interest. Children learn and are impacted in life in numerous ways.

The children at Spirit of Faith Family Church participate in their own services which include praise and worship, teaching, prayer, object lessons, puppet and drama skits, arts and crafts, funny characters and so much more.

During any given service a “theme” is introduced. The theme is incorporated into the message to lay a foundation for success in every child’s life.
Our Preschool and Children’s Department is open during all regular Church services. Check-in time is 20 minutes before each service.

Classes are available for nursery, preschool and elementary school.